Jo has been training with me for 7+ years, and during this time she has proved her strength and determination to make a significant and positive change to her lifestyle. This has resulted in a fabulous 52kg weight loss to date and the completion of 5 public fun runs. You can see evidence of her progress in the photos on this page.

Jo trains with me twice a week and in total works out 4-5 times a week. Jo’s eating behaviours have been modified and are permanently inherent in her new lifestyle. As a result, Jo now enjoys a healthier and happier way of life, and is well on her way to achieving all of her goals. I have witnessed such a positive and extensive transformation of Jo, during the time I have known her. The continuous comments and compliments Jo receives from friends, family and work colleagues are all testament to her determination and commitment.

Keep up the fabulous work, Jo!

Run For The Kids 2009-2013


When I first met Stephanie, she was a timid teenager with self-esteem and confidence issues overshadowing a beautiful, inner person. Through her dedication and commitment to her food and training, I have watched her shed these shackles, physically and psychologically transforming into a much more assertive and confident young woman.Stephanie has enjoyed an impressive 10kg weight loss to date, and she has a very positive attitude towards her training which is very commendable. Moreover, Stephanie is always cognisant of the overall benefits she is enjoying by training consistently, even on the (very normal) occasional “off” days that may occur.

Stephanie has made permanent, informed changes to her lifestyle (especially with food) that have established her on the path to long-term success. I’m really proud of the work she has put into her health and wellbeing.

Excellent work, Stephanie!


Samuel has been training with me for more than 3 years, and during this time I have witnessed a remarkable transformation both psychologically and physically. During his formative teenage years, Samuel has grown by 12cms and yet simultaneously experienced a 24kg weight loss. At the same time, his body fat percentage has dropped by 12.18%, and is currently 14.46%, which falls into the “Fitness” category for males, an excellent level of body fat proportions.

Samuel’s embracing attitude towards regular exercising and eating clean has been instrumental in his success. He is an avid rugby player, and his personal transformation has led to solid achievements in his sport of choice. Samuel is now firmly entrenched on a fit and healthy path to adulthood. I am extremely proud of everything Samuel has achieved and I know he will continue to benefit, well into the future. You can see the changes in Samuel, in the photos, below.

Excellent work, Samuel!