Training for Children and Teenagers

In the 21st century, we are sadly facing increasing obesity levels amongst children, even in the early years of primary school.

Less physical activity (e.g. being driven to places instead of riding or walking), combined with technology (computers, electronic games, smartphones etc), are the major factors behind this dangerous level of poor health.

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative for young people to be engaging in physical activity, to prevent a myriad of lifestyle and social ramifications further down the track. Sometimes they need a gentle push to start the ball rolling, for others there may be deep psychological barriers to exercise or living a healthy lifestyle.

Do you need some support for your child or a young person in your life? Are you struggling to get through to them, yet realise the importance of their health and fitness development?

Here at Fit ‘n’ Fab. For Life I offer fun-filled training sessions that promote positive self-image and allow children to develop their own fitness, regardless of their size or ability. Your child does not have to be the next junior Olympic athlete – I welcome even those who “hate” engaging in sporting activities.

Personal, undivided attention from a qualified trainer can work wonders in shifting a child’s negative attitude, helping them improve socially and emotionally and preventing much pain in adult life.