One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training sessions are highly effective in getting personal results in the fastest, possible time. 100% focus on your training means you are getting all the benefits and education to achieve your desired objectives. Everything you learn in your sessions you can apply to other areas of your life, including nutrition and lifestyle routines.

Individual session activities include: boxing, cardio (interval training, Tabata) and resistance based exercises, tailored according to individual client needs. I also cater for those clients would like to work towards a specific event or fitness challenge.

Session Pricing: 1:1 Personal Training

Payment TypeSession DurationTotal price
PAYG30 mins$40
12-session package30 mins x 12$420
($60 saving)
PAYG45 mins$50
6-session package45 mins x 6$285
($15 saving)
12-session package45 mins x 12$540
($60 saving)
PAYG60 mins$65
6-session package60 mins x 6$360
($30 saving)
12-session package60 mins x 12$696
($84 saving)

Session Pricing: Mobilization, Stretching and Core

Payment TypeSession DurationTotal price
PAYG30 mins$30
6-session package30 mins x 6$150
($30 saving)

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