CLIENT Learning & Development

Fit ‘n’ Fab. For Life was initially created as I wanted to help other people enjoy a healthier, happier sense of being and increased levels of confidence and self-esteem. Whilst not initially active in early life, I enjoyed a very positive transformation to my own health and fitness, and I thought other people should share in this, too. The fitness industry is continually expanding, as other professionals undertake similar goals to help the community at large.

After 13+ years in the industry, I believe there is a significant need for an enlightened perspective on the most effective way to train our clients. Personal training goes far beyond an instruction on ‘how to perform a squat’ and template-oriented training programs. The relevance of correct technique is not to be underestimated, although I believe a more holistic, all-encompassing approach from trainers is required with clients for truly effective, consistent results.

We must search deeper into our clients’ individual stories, to determine their underpinning values and core beliefs, and how to align these with positive lifestyle behaviours. It is insufficient to merely ask them what they would like to achieve, and then provide them with an exercise program and hope they adhere to it. When we reveal their values and match them to positive exercise and nutritional behaviours, our clients have the best chance of long-term success.

My philosophy is to educate my clients to achieve effective results and long-term exercise adherence. I take great comfort and delight in imparting useful tools and information to others, as I believe sharing the knowledge enables powerful outcomes. I love teaching, and I’m passionate about informing and enlightening others, so the end result is that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.


This was me before I made healthy eating and exercise part of my lifestyle!


In today’s fast-paced, modern world the need for every one of us to be in a fit and healthy state has never been more important. We are all living longer, although unfortunately, as a society, we are facing increasing statistics of chronic lifestyle diseases and illnesses. The good news is, we have the ability to change the situation.In contrast to many people in the industry, I was not an active participant in sports in early childhood/teenage years, and sadly had a very negative attitude towards all forms of exercise.

Despite this, I lost 12 kgs and dropped 2 dress sizes, over a 9 month period; at the beginning of my foray into exercise and nutrition. (Check out my “before” picture, on the left.) Over the last 15 years, however, I have been able to develop sound fitness skills and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.
I can honestly say that the benefits of being active and eating well, far outweigh any negativity that may be associated with exercise. I am living proof that you don’t have to be “born athletic” to enjoy and maintain, a healthy, fit, shape and size.

I firmly believe the physical and psychological rewards from eating well and exercising can be enjoyed by each and every one of us. That means you, as well. It doesn’t matter what has transpired in the past, we begin at the start, today. I am genuinely passionate about helping people, of all ages and fitness levels, to embark on a journey of personal progression. Together, we can achieve, and my greatest satisfaction lies, in the achievement of your personal goals and results. We are all different, as are my clients. This means you are receiving personalised, tailored attention solely dedicated to helping your needs and requirements. When you achieve, I am happy.