Fit ‘n’ Fab’s SECRET GUIDE to Your Nutritional Blueprint!

By Marleina Vella, Health & Fitness Educator

Struggling to lose weight? Have you tried and failed at crazy, fad diets?

Discover a proven way to lose fat and lean out with :

Fit ‘n’ Fab’s SECRET GUIDE to Your Nutritional Blueprint!

This ultimate SECRET GUIDE contains a Recipe Catalogue with 65 meal options, and proven strategies for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle! Discover the 6 essential foundations to build your own successful Nutritional Blueprint, and how easily you can incorporate these principles into your existing lifestyle! Find out what to eat when you’re away on holidays, eating out or entertaining friends at home!

Also included in this eBook is a 28-day Meal Map with selections for each meal – so you can get started immediately! This comprehensive, practical Secret Guide is available for a limited time at the special price of only $14.95! (Valued at $49.95!)

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NB Toolkit and Social Media Support


NB Toolkit: Recipe Catalogue

65 Recipe and Meal options giving you endless combinations of meal and snack pairings!


NB Toolkit: 28-Day Meal Map

A 28-Day Meal Map - with all of your meals and snacks sorted for a whole month


NB Toolkit: Weekly Template

A downloadable template to help you design your own NB!


Facebook Support

Access to a closed-group Facebook Support page. Personally ask the author questions and meet others on their NB journey! Gain additional tips and tricks to help you reach your fat loss goals!

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This eBook is a MUST HAVE for anyone who really wants to make a change to a healthier lifestyle. For years I have been looking for the magical answer to losing weight and get healthy for good. I have tried so many different avenues, joined gyms, fad diets, exercise apps, diet books even bought other eBooks and NOTHING compares!

This Nutritional Blueprint explains everything so clearly that it makes something click in your mindset. We all know what we need to do but this eBook explains WHY! I have fallen off the bandwagon over the last couple of years since having kids and I am ready to get back on track, and I now have the right tools to do so. Don’t hesitate get your copy now, you won’t regret it! – Vanessa

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Meet The Author

Hello, my name is Marleina and I am the author of Fit ‘n’ Fab.’s Secret Guide to Your Nutritional Blueprint! Enjoy validated nutritional tips backed by cutting-edge research and years of my successful client experiences. I’m so excited to condense all of this into a practical, easy-to-read resource. It’s your turn now, let’s get you where you need to be, and start your own NB journey!


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